IT Audit, security and technological risk management

The most secure organizations are those that are aware of and better manage their risks, including technological risks.

At BDO, specialists in information technologies (IT) collaborate with companies to assess technological risks, information security, cybersecurity and IT Audit in order to mitigate risk, minimize threats and comply with regulations and other regulatory requirements related to Computer Systems.

Our professionals have extensive knowledge and experience aligned with the most prestigous certifications in the scope of Information Security.

Our services

  • Computer and outsourced IT process audits.
  • Privacy and data protection (GDPR, OLDPGDR).
  • Certification of the Spanish National Security Framework (RD 3/2010) Visit website.
  • Interoperability (RD 4/2010).
  • Information System general controls.
  • Technological risk management - IT Vendor Risk Management.
  • Cybersecurity (Intrusion Test, Application Security, Web Environment Security, Wi-Fi Security, Security Office).
  • GAP as regards Cybersecurity policies, norms and procedures.
  • Continuity of the business, IT services.
  • Critical infrastructure.
  • Cloud Computing. Cloud assessments and service.
  • Endpoint security. Secure software development.
  • Big Data: Data classification and ownership, security and quality.
  • Data mining and Data analysis.
  • PCI-DSS. Mobile device security. Electronic signature.
  • Gaming sector governing regulations.