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In BDO Spain we have over 50 years’ experience providing financial audit and assurance services for shareholders, senior management, public interest entities, and credit institutions.

We apply our own global methodology, A.P.T. (Audit process tool) and I.D.E.A. (Interactive Data Extraction and Analysis) to guarantee adherence to local and international standards when conducting audits. Our services include financial audits, analysis, and opinions for companies, large national groups, multinationals, and public interest entities. Our service is focused on performing rigorous and independent audits using advanced technological methods. The aim is for our audits to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the company’s financial performance and control environment, in order to mantain the shareholders’ confidence and achieve optimum client satisfaction.

Our audit teams are specialized according to industry and line of business. This means we are knowledgeable in key aspects of each business, its evolution, and specific regulations.

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