• Audit


All business owners, regardless of whether they are institutions, private equity firms, or individuals, want external audits to be robust, high quality, and to give their business an advantage in their relevant markets. We understand that the specific needs of investors vary, as do the business sectors and markets in which companies or groups operate, and the risks they face. Which is why in BDO each audit engagement is developed, planned, and implemented in ways that are client specific.

BDO has one of the strongest international networks in the market. We are present in over 150 countries and are one of the main international firms in our sector, which allows us to attract the best professionals and to constantly invest in our own advanced technology in order to give our clients outstanding service.

Given our global perspective, we fully understand the entrepreunerial mentality that lies at the heart of our country’s business acumen. Our audit services give practical advice to help in each company’s strategic decision making process.