Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

Investment in real estate has evolved in recent years into a global, highly specialised activity with very specific requirements for advisory services. BDO provides support for international funds, developers, financial enterprises, family offices, SOCIMIs and property management companies throughout the cycle.

We know and are a recognised part of the Spanish market. We belong to the professional Associations, have an widespread connections, contacts and specific knowledge that allow us to advice our clients on all aspects of any transaction:

The career path and consolidated reputation of all the members of our team is the best indication that BDO is a leading advisor in Spain and the international context.  


  • Real estate management

  • Identification of investment opportunities depending on the client’s requirements: land and development, residential or commercial properties, taking corporate holdings, joint ventures with local partners, and portfolios

  • Effective divestment as agents subject to the owner’s price and term parameters

  • Due diligence on any kind of investment operation

  • Valuation of RICs of assets or portfolios for the client’s various purposes or requirements

  • Consultancy on portfolios of assets and companies; management, liquidity and real estate viability plans

  • Legal and tax matters

Real estate operations are of great importance to the economy of private individuals and companies, so it is essential to rely on legal advice that will allow those operations to be structured efficiently and securely, minimising any possible disputes that might arise and offering immediate and definitive solutions.

With its solid reputation, the BDO Abogados Real Estate Law department provides advice on highly complex real estate negotiations and transactions on the basis of its detailed knowledge of the various markets and practices in which they take place.

Our specialisation in the various legal aspects that are involved in transactions of this kind allows us to offer advice in the different areas of the real estate business: buying and selling real estate and property companies, leases, development and construction contracts, real estate financing and the legal structure of large properties.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the real estate sector means we are well-equipped to assist growth and provide support for our clients’ current and future needs, offering a personalised service based on consummate technical rigour.