• Assurance


In BDO Spain's Audit and Assurance area we are experts in writing independent reports and opinions that respond to the rising number of demands of all kinds from companies and stakeholders relating to issues of assurance and transparency.

In BDO Spain we are aware that each transaction can entail specific communication and security requirements. Being able to fill those needs in a concise and timely manner is crucial to the success of that transaction. 

  • Limited Reviews
  • Review of justified accounts and accounts without grants
  • Special complementary report to the annual audited accounts:
    • Insurance entities, required by the Insurance and Pension Funds Directorate General (Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones).
    • Co-operatives with credit section required by certain public supervising entities.
  • Special report relating to specific bianual information of Sporting Limited Companies.
  • Special additional report to the annual audited accounts’ of credit entities and investment companies and their groups.
  • Capital increases charged to reserves.
  • Capital decreases to compensate losses.
  • Special report on convertible debentures and on capital increase due to conversion of loans.