• Credit entities

Credit entities

The banking sector never ceases to have great challenges on the horizon.

Following the recent deep restructuring, the sector must now face a very complex environment due to regulatory requirements and market pressures on profitability, driven by low interest rates and strong competition.

 The strengthening of innovation, digitalization and adapting to new technologies to offer better services to its clients and thereby obtain higher levels of efficiency are essential objectives to deal with the risks faced by the entities.

If to this is added a requirement to further increase levels of transparency, so as to offer greater confidence to their clients, the result could mean the survival of the entity.

With the considerable experience of BDO’s professional teams, we have advised practically all Spanish banking groups, as well as numerous rural banks and this also has allowed us to collaborate directly, and with mixed teams, with the main National and European agents and regulators, such as the European Central Bank, FOBR, Deposit Guarantee Fund of Credit Institutions or SAREB (Company for the Management of Assets proceeding from Restructuring of the Banking System).