• Internal Audit

Internal Audit

The role of the Internal Audit is crucial in the process of ensuring and controlling the risks that can affect the achievement of the strategic objectives of companies, and  BDO Spain accompanies you in this process.

We collaborate with the departments of Internal Audit and Internal Control in carrying out the work in those areas that require a greater specialization, or that need to have certain resources, and also advise on the improvement of the function.

Our services
  • Establishment, analysis and improvement of the Internal Audit function. QAR quality reviews.
  • Outsourcing and co-sourcing in the performance of internal audits of specialized areas and units, centres and delegations.
  • Audit and review of internal and externalized functions and processes. Supplier Audit.
  • Assistance in the preparation of risk maps for internal auditing.
  • Analysis, development and implementation of tools for Internal Audit.
  • Establishment of Continuous Audit systems - Remote audit of the main risks.