Regulatory compliance

The dynamic environment that we currently face requires an in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and reference frameworks in the organization’s scope of action.

Companies must establish a new vision for regulatory compliance that enables regulatory risk to be correctly anticipated and managed, thus preventing, inter alia, sanctions by regulators and reputational damage that affects the value of the brand.

BDO has experts in managing regulatory risk and internal and external regulatory compliance, who collaborate with companies to identify, adapt and execute tasks to fulfill regulatory obligations.

Our services

  • Identification of obligations and assessment of exposure to risks of regulatory non-compliance (gap analysis).
  • Implementation of systems and tools for managing Compliance.
  • Development of general and/or norm-specific policies and procedures: AML&FT, MiFID II, Penal Compliance, etc.
  • Prevention of money laundering: analysis of suspicious transactions, analysis and sanction of transactions, development of procedure manuals, external expert examination, etc.
  • Corporate Compliance: design of Corporate Defense Models, adaptation of models to UNE 19601, monitoring of controls. Support with the UNE 19601 certification.
  • MIFID projects for adapting and controlling compliance in the financial sector.
  • Projects for adapting to Solvency II in the insurance sector. Financial and actuarial analyses. Reports on the financial situation and on solvency. IFRS 2017. New Law on Insurance Distribution. Visit website
  • Support Services for the Compliance Officer.