Corporate governance

Due to the emergence of new regulations (reform of the Corporate Enterprises Act, reform of the Penal Code, etc.), Administrative Boards must take on new responsibilities which involve the development of monitoring and control instruments for proper management of the organization. Companies face a new situation based on increased regulation, wherein the correct management of risk is necessary to ensure the sustained generation of benefits, thereby transmitting greater transparency and security in management.

Credibility and confidence in the market are intangible assets that generate tangible and sustainable benefits for the company.

To meet the expectations of the market and of different interest groups, the teams at BDO collaborate with the management and board of directors of companies to protect and improve their corporate reputation and their brand image.

Our services

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of the Governance model and of the internal control system. Analysis, diagnosis and improvement of good governance systems.
  • Assessment of the expectations of interest groups, design of the Corporate Governance brand and alignment with the corporate reputation strategy.
  • Establishment of the GRC model in accordance with the Code of Governance and the Corporate Enterprises Act.
  • Collaboration in the implementation of ethics and integrity programs.
  • Establishment of Data Ethics systems and procedures.
  • Development and implementation of codes of conduct.
  • Establishment and management of a reporting channel.
  • Development of governance models for generating non-financial information / transparency: materiality analysis, KPI’s, policies and procedures.
  • Collaboration in the preparation of the Non-Financial Information Statement (NFIS). Visit website.