• General taxation

General taxation

Our multidisciplinary approach aims to offer comprehensive advice that allows us to provide a high-quality, proactive and efficient service.

BDO’s team of tax advisors have extensive experience in advising Spanish and international groups on any type of tax matter: general tax issues, tax proceedings, restructuring operations, due diligence, transfer pricing, etc. Every day the growing complexity of today’s tax system puts to the test our capacity of provide an excellent service in which the challenge is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our services

  • Corporate taxation: We advise Spanish and international groups on day-to-day tax matters, offering a complete advisory service, from compliance with tax obligations to tax planning for business restructuring operations.
  • Indirect taxes: We provide advice and planning on Indirect Taxation matters, Value Added Tax and Capital Transfer Tax, and questions related with Customs and Special Taxes.
  • Local taxation: We offer advice on local taxation, Economic Activities Tax, Property Tax, municipal capital gains tax, etc.
  • Outsourcing and fiscal compliance.
  • Advice and value chain planning for Groups of Companies, so that the operating models used by a group of Companies are the most efficient and effective from the tax point of view.
  • Personal income tax: We provide advice on tax for company Directors and executives. In particular, we have an area devoted to advising on flexible 
  • remuneration and salary systems. Our teams of tax advisors are specialists in providing tax advice for employees seconded to other countries (ex-pats).
  • Advice for large fortunes: BDO has a team that specialises in providing family companies and large fortunes with tax advice.