International Tax

Globalization of the economy has changed the way in which companies conduct business, generating both new sources of income and new challenges. Some of these challenges are directly linked to proper management of the tax function. Companies with presence in different countries and jurisdictions have to comply with domestic rules in the territories where they generate revenue. Controlling the impact tax has on profits; and properly manage compliance obligations is essential in order to operate successfully at international level. These aspects are of special relevance for companies in expansion, start-ups, scale-ups, or, in general, any company making their first steps on international trade.

International tax is ever-changing, with complex rules, evolving regulations emerging from both national, regional and supranational organizations as well as from bilateral and multilateral conventions and treaties. The analysis of this global set of rules requires a holistic approach, but with a local focus. Our expert teams are, together with our BDO partners in 167 countries worldwide, at your disposal to assist you in the challenging task of properly planning the international expansion of your business, in particular with regard to

  • The set-up of a tax strategy,
  • The review and optimization of your corporate structure,
  • The execution of cross-border supplies of goods and services,
  • The structuring of investments,
  • Understanding foreign complexities and tax figures,
  • Being tax compliant wherever you decide to operate.

From the beginning our teams apply a holistic view of the projects in order to inform you properly, so that you are in the position to cover any relevant aspects that may arise irrespective of whether they are related to tax, corporate law, labor, financial or accounting.