BEPS – managing the impact on your business

In October 2015 OECD issued the final reports publishing 15 action plans fighting base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS). These actions triggered a set of new mechanisms that are changing international tax rules that have been developed and consolidated during the last 100 years. Our International tax team may assist you in revising the impact BEPS has on your business, identifying and managing risks by establishing mitigation alternatives, and assist you in defining a business integrated tax strategy.

At International level States are adopting anti-BEPS measures with different approaches and at different speed. This generates uncertainty and lack of security while taking business decisions. Together with our BDO colleagues in 167 countries we are able to monitor the implementation of BEPS in these jurisdictions and to assist you in adapting your corporate structures, business models and transfer pricing policies where necessary.

We can advise you on how to maintain an optimum structure for your international business and how to manage your worldwide tax reporting obligations efficiently.