Taxation of real estate

The property market in Spain is in a period of increasing interest for Spanish and international investors.

BDO has a team of tax advisors specialising in the tax situation of real estate with extensive experience and and ongoing training on regulatory changes affecting the real estate sector, and the latest investment trends.

Our tax specialists analyse the tax implications of the transfer, acquisition and financing of real estate projects (real estate in general, shopping centres, renewable energy, etc.), and analyse all issues related with the direct, indirect and local taxation of such investments

Our services

  • Optimisation of asset structures.
  • Advice on investment vehicles: Socimis, entities covered by the tax rules governing the lease of residential housing, etc.
  • Advice on real estate swaps, the refurbishment of buildings and other real estate operations.
  • Tax advice on investments in the tertiary sector: hotel complexes, shopping centres, etc.