Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide tax advice on buying and selling companies, merger and acquisition operations, public offerings, etc. We help to detect synergies in the operation, as well as its possible risks and limitations in the application of tax benefits.

The process extends from planning the operation, in order to detect and plan opportunities for obtaining tax benefits, to financial modelling and support for negotiations to close the operation.

In BDO we can advise companies in most industrial sectors, bringing our knowledge and professional background to the table, and also an in-depth knowledge of the tax rules that apply to the operation

Our services

  • Corporate restructuring: Mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, monetary contributions, contributions of branches of activity, changes of tax residency, exchanges of securities, increases or reductions of share capital, etc.
  • Analysis of tax contingencies using the due diligence processes.
  • Planning and incorporation of international tax vehicles, holding companies.
  • Temporary joint ventures and economic interest groupings.
  • Flotations on listed markets