• International Mobility and Expatriates

International Mobility and Expatriates

BDO’s International Mobility and Expatriates advisory services are designed for multinational organizations to help them meet the challenges of the global assignments of their workforce and human capital. The internationalisation of Spanish companies means that their workers are increasingly relocated and their Human Resources departments face multiple challenges. As an international firm, BDO has a network of offices in more than 150 countries and a team of professionals that specialises in the management of ex-pats at a global level and is constantly updating its knowledge of trends in international mobility.

In BDO Abogados we offer a wide range of International Mobility and Expatriate Services, and have the tools and technology necessary to ensure that the value of our services achieves its maximum potential with each of our clients.

Our services

  • Preparation of employee relocation policies
  • Tax planning for companies and ex-pats
  • Handling Social Security procedures for ex-pats
  • Analysis of international legislation
  • Outsourcing processes and procedures related with the relocation of employees

At BDO we have developed our own technology to facilitate the management of global relocations, providing instant information on the status of tax returns, rebates and administrative procedures both to the client and employees who are relocated.