• Tax Disputes and Proceedings

Tax Disputes and Proceedings

BDO’s Tax Disputes and Proceedings Department has teams of lawyers and tax experts that are specialists in defending the interests of our clients in their dealings with the Tax Inspectorate and the various administrative and contentious-administrative Courts.

The tax disputes department coordinates with the firm’s other departments that provide tax advice, in order to prevent possible contingencies that might lead to disputes with the tax authorities.

Our tax advisors are on hand to represent our clients during tax inspections and administrative procedures relating to tax, and, in particular, in management, assessments, verification, investigation and collection procedures.

We follow up and defend our clients’ interests in any proceedings initiated by the Tax Authorities, whether local, regional or state, amongst others.

Our services

  • Tax collection procedures: Advice on applications for deferred payment and fractioning of tax debts, negotiation of the sufficiency of guarantees.
  • Advice on procedures to impose tax penalties on our clients initiated by the tax authorities.
  • Appeals and claims before the economic-administrative courts.
  • Providing counsel for economic-administrative proceedings.
  • Supranational proceedings and appeals: Assisting the defence of our clients in international proceedings.