Taxation of family businesses and large estates

In BDO we try to optimise the tax situation of family businesses and their transmission to future generations. The growing internationalisation of Spanish companies and the arrival of foreign investors in Spain puts our ability to advise family offices and large Spanish and international fortunes to the test every day.

We also plan, together with the owners, partners and senior executives of national and multinational companies, the best way of optimising their tax at a global level, both individually and for the whole family.

Our services

  • Special tax rules for newly resident foreign nationals: Beckham’s Law.
  • Tax planning for Wealth Tax.
  • International investment vehicles: holding companies, foundations, SICAVs, investment funds, life insurance, etc.
  • Optimisation of remuneration policies for executives and directors.
  • Tax assistance in family protocols.
  • Tax advice on prenuptial agreements, dissolution of jointly held matrimonial property or ending separately held matrimonial property.