• Infrastructures, Energy and Capital Projects

Infrastructures, Energy and Capital Projects

BDO Financial Advisory – Infrastructure, Energy and Capital Projects specialists advise sponsors, companies and specialized funds in all the phases of the M&A and the financing (or refinancing) of Capital Projects in sectors as transport and social infrastructure, concessions, PPPs, energy - with a special focus on renewables energies - both in “utility scale” plants, as in distributed generation, energy efficiency and self-consumption projects - as well as, in general, in all other kinds of capital intensive projects – as circular economy, energy transition, energy storage, integral water cycle, irrigation, waste treatment projects and more.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the field of structured finance and project finance of these type of projects, both with bank financing and / or debt funds, and in the related investment analysis and management activities, having a clear view on the specific needs of the stakeholders in the Infra and Capital Projects markets such as developers, promoters, investors, companies and specialized funds, in all phases of the life cycle of this type of capital intensive projects.


Financial Advisory Services in Infrastructures and Capital Projects

  • Focus and specialization in infrastructure and / or public equipment concessions, and other capital intensive projects in sectors such as renewable energy, water, environment, energy efficiency, circular economy, energy transition, street lighting and others.
  • Financial advice in tender processes for concessions and PPPs, either in Spain, LATAM or internationally, including risk analysis, financing structuring and raising.
  • Financial advice in auctions processes in the field of renewable energy projects.
  • Raising of structured financing as Project Finance for greenfield projects or refinancing of brownfields, holdCo debt, mezzanine / subordinated debt, recaps, debt for project development, equity bridge loans.
  • M&A mandates for infrastructure and energy projects (or portfolio of projects), either in development stage, RTB status or COD/brownfield phase, and in general, for all types of capital intensive projects. 
  • Preparation and / or review of business plans and / or financial models of capital intensive projects or portfolios of projects.
  • Integral advice to the public sector in the feasibility studies, structuring and tendering of PPPs or concessions, including ESA95 risk analysis for off-balancing financing.
  • Integral advice to the private sector in feasibility studies, risk analysis and tender processes, such as comprehensive investment plans in solar PV self-consumption facilities.