Valuation services

BDO is one of the national and international reference entities in the provision of valuation services, financial analysis and planning and independent expert reports.

We are aware of the serious implications and risks that may be involved in valuation work and especially sensitive to the importance of providing a service of maximum reliability, professionalism and independence.

We provide you with our team of professionals, whose unquestionable technical capacity and experience, will allow you to satisfactorily cover your valuation needs however complex these may be.

BDO's Valuation Services professional team has a multidisciplinary training that allows them to provide other financial advisory services in the areas of investment, financing and transactions, which adapt to the needs and special requirements of each client.

Our services

Valuation services:

  • Valuation of companies and businesses
  • Valuation of equity portfolios and private equity funds
  • Intangible assets
  • Complex financial instruments
  • Purchase price allocation (PPA) and impairment testing
  • “Fairness opinions” and independent expert reports on acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, non-cash contributions, etc.
  • Valuation reports as an independent expert in corporate disputes
  • Valuations for tax and accounting purposes
  • Valuation of IPOs and stock exchange exclusions 
  • Advisory on value creation

Financial analysis and planning:

  • Assistance in the preparation of merger and spin-off projects
  • Preparation and review of business plans
  • Preparation and revision of financial models
  • Advisory on financial investment projects
  • Assistance and preparation of IPOs and information memorandums.