Expert Witness reports

The companies, its administrators and executives have always been exposed to conflicts linked to their business: contractual, corporate, transactional, market, management, and fraud among others.

At BDO we are convinced that the key for our clients’ success lies in the preparation and rigor of our expert reports, as well as in our more than 25 years of added experience in ratifying them.

Professionals with broader experience (Partners, Senior Managers and Managers) have a significant degree of involvement in the elaboration of expert reports.

All this has allowed us to help our clients to face their disputes having the best possible professional support, through the following approach:

  • Commitment, rigor, confidentiality and independence.
  • Clarity and precision regarding the elaboration of our reports.
  • Multidisciplinary teams, incorporating experts in the economic, financial and accounts’ fields, as well as sectorial specialists and professionals from our international network, where appropriate.
  • Broad and proven experience in ratification and defense of our reports before the Courts of Justice or Arbitration Tribunals, having collaborated with prestigious law firms both at national and international level.
  • Solid and extensive international network, which allows the combination of the necessary knowledge and experience of a great team of Forensic professionals, giving solutions to the most complex challenges.