Our firm has a team of more than forty labour lawyers who specialise in all aspects of Employment and Social Security Law, both in the courts and in providing general advice at regular intervals, in the field of personnel or human resources policy in the company.

We believe in the need for a global vision of the company’s labour situation in coordination with other departments, offering an effective legal service to achieve corporate strategic objectives.

Our team of labour advisors specialises in all areas of employment and social security law. We support our clients in a wide variety of matters: advice for expatriates/impatriates, travel arrangements and work permits for executives and their families; legal defence in proceedings before the Labour and Contentious-Administrative courts; advice on employment strategies to optimise and fully use human resources; out-of-court settlement of disputes: assistance with Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation proceedings.

We are specialists in labour due diligence and evaluating company employment policies, and providing advice on business restructuring, the modification of working conditions and redundancies.

With multidisciplinary teams and coverage throughout Spain, we assign the most suitable professional to deal with each case, without geographical distinction, in order to offer a global service, irrespective of the industry or sector to which the company belongs.

Our services

  • Legal defence in proceedings before the Labour and Contentious-Administrative courts. Out-of-court dispute resolution and management.  
  • Employment law as it affects Expatriates/Impatriates. International Social Security.
  • Restructuring the workforce and collective negotiation.
  • Senior management. Advice, recruitment and termination.
  • Employment inspections. Advice and representation and contesting decisions
  • Employment due diligence and evaluation of the company with regard to its employment practices.