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Financial Law

The Financial Law Area provides advice on extraordinary operations (syndicated bank financing, structured financing and securitisation, project financing, asset financing, acquisition financing, etc.) and in the field of the current regulation of the financial markets.

Our team specialises in providing legal advice on the structuring and formalisation of any kind of fixed rate, structured and securitised financial operation.

Our advisory services cover any kind of corporate and structured financing operations for any kind of assets and sectors, including the restructuring and refinancing of debt. Accordingly, we provide advice to both debtors and creditors in situations where a business is in crisis, and participate in the negotiation and preparation of the various instruments used to articulate the necessary restructuring.

Finally, the Financial team has recently been advising various foreign funds on the acquisition of distressed debt.

  • Corporate financing and acquisitions

  • Infrastructure financing.

  • Real estate financing.

  • Project financing.

  • Structured financial and debt issues.

  • Asset financing.

  • Securitisation

  • Restructuring and refinancing of debts.

  • Purchase of distressed debt