• Debt & Restructuring


The current crisis in Spain and the rest of the world will require companies to work in the strategic, organizational, operational, and financial fields to ensure their feasibility and sustainability.

At BDO we have a multidisciplinary team to help companies assess and overcome crises, specifically the impact of COVID-19 and the drop in demand.

In the BDO restructuring team, we know closely the specific keys and challenges that mid-market companies face, we can support them from an integrated perspective to plan and improve the company´s results, as well as to seek financing solutions, in a manner that, combining business management and economic flow, the company is viable in the short, medium, and long term.

Restructuring Services

More than 75 specialists from different consultancy areas. In a restructuring operation, we participate in the entire process of analysis, design, implementation of strategy and necessary measures to achieve the company’s feasibility.

Our restructuring services in the Advisory area comprises from business management, refinancing or new financing to preparation of reports for financial entities and other agents involved such as creditors, clients, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

We are also recognized as a reference in carrying out corporate and asset valuations for financial statements and in contexts of business reorganization or integration, proposals and negotiations of M&A operations, due diligence, and independent expert reports.

What do BDO professionals provide?

  • We are leaders in professional services for the Mid-Market, with specific approaches and experiences for this segment of companies.
  • Agility and direct involvement of the partners in project executions.
  • Effective approaches and methods to achieve the Client´s objectives, understanding the context of each situation and each moment of the business.
  • More than 100 financial and operational restructuring projects recently.
  • Direct contact with more than 25 national and international financial entities.
  • More than 30 operations closed with Private Debt Funds.
  • More than 50 billion € of refinanced debt.
  • More than 25 cost reduction and personnel resizing projects
  • 7 partners and 8 directors in Advisory Services.
  • Team of specialists in the area with financial profile, business knowledge, implementation of profitability enhancement and cost reduction, preparation of business plans and management of working capital.

We have defined a series of specific services for the Middle Market which combine solutions linked to profitability and financing.

  • Credit solutions.
  • Profitability enhancement plans and feasibility plans.
  • Refinancing and/or new money.
  • Treasury and Working Capital Optimization.
  • Operational optimization.
  • Forensic for restructuring.

Get to know our Diagnosis of economic-financial solutions for middle market companies.