In crisis situations it is possible to replace an existing debt obligation by another debt obligation under different terms. Knowing and understanding dynamics with creditors, looking for new potential financiers who contribute new money and obtaining a satisfactory agreement are the challenges to be faced in this type of processes.

We advise and accompany our clients (creditors/borrowers) throughout the entire refinancing process:

  • Review of the Feasibility plan of the company and its strategy (I.B.R).
  • Advice on refinancing proposals.
  • Advice on agreement redactions of stand still, term sheet and covenants, warranties, etc.
  • Advice on negotiation process.
  • Scenario modelling.

We help companies to obtain new money and optimise their debt structure:

  • Design of the optimal financial structure.
  • Advice on choosing debt lenders and private funds.
  • Advice on choosing the type of financing and debt lenders and/or debt substitution.