From the BDO Consulting area, we understand that management control is an indispensable key leverage to align strategy with execution and promote continuous improvement of the company.

The controller in his role as economic advisor to the Management and the business areas is an increasingly relevant figure in organizations. From BDO we help companies to develop this role with a 360º vision: Organization, development of teams and management control in models (processes and systems).

All company processes must be developed on a common information base and supported by an analytical structure and homogeneous financial consolidation of businesses, so that the organization can anticipate and react to make decisions that have a real impact on the value of the company.

To achieve this objective, we propose a management control model that provides a comprehensive response to all the processes of the management cycle and its deployment at the business unit level through:

  1. Planning: Coordinate the setting of objectives of the organization in the medium and long term. Design of efficient budget processes.
  2. Forecast: Anticipate future impacts based on the best estimates of each moment. Business modeling for agile results reestimations.
  3. Resource provision: Control and track the effective disposal of planned financial resources. Protocols design for approving expenses and investments.
  4. Analysis and monitoring: Provide analysis and decision-making. Dashboard design, key indicator identification and factorial analysis.

In Consulting we are likewise aware of the change in trends that is taking place in the decision-making process, increasingly based on data rather than perceptions. Therefore, within the processes of Digital Transformation we advise with methodologies in the incorporation of Data Analytics, Data Discovery, Predictive Analytics, self-reporting, predictive algorithms, ...