CEO's Agenda

We work with the CEO / Managing Director of the company to improve the internal management of the company in scenarios of structural changes of the business, such as:

  • Merger / Integration / Spin-offs of businesses or companies
  • Rapid business expansion
  • Significant reductions in sales and company scale
  • Substantial changes in the company's strategic framework (e.g. digital transformation)
  • The need to achieve sustainable EBITDA improvements, greater than traditional cost reduction approaches.
  • Changes in management leadership or the corporate areas


We have an approach based on preliminary diagnoses to structure the project, establish the main lines of work and provide an economic quantification of the principle management drivers. Based on the diagnosis the model structure is designed; as well as the necessary initiatives for its operational implementation.

The main areas of work we offer are the following:

  • Business Transformation: Oriented to improve profitability. Business plans.
  • Corporate Transformation: Design and implementation of the roadmap of initiatives for transversal functions (Finance, People, Systems, ...) by changes in the management model (sale/purchase business, high growth, structural adjustment ...)
  • Digital Transformation: Integration of the new digital paradigm into the business management model. (e.g. Digital Back-office)
  • Improved decision making: structuring of the process and design of the processes of planning, analysis and reporting of business
  • Improvement of Efficiency: Identification of the opportunities of improvement of efficiency in the company, with an integral vision and obtaining reductions of the cost base by resizing, cost of services or outsourcing of functions.