CFO’s Agenda

The challenges of the CFO have evolved in recent years. There are studies and perspectives that define a CFO more integrated with the development of Business, planning with a vision of more than one year, managing the efficiency of the organization, ... and continuing with the traditional accounting, tax and finance compliance functions.

BDO's services are focused on supporting the CFO in achieving this role. We focus on two possible perspectives:

  • Strategic Plan of the Financial Function: To formulate a Strategic Plan for the area, aligned with the strategy of the company, as the CFO must contribute from his position; and what objectives, initiatives and lines of work should be put in place to achieve this. Structuring the road map, the business case and providing, from BDO, an expert view of the function with market references.
  • Specific projects of one area of the financial function: Planning cycle, Analysis and Reporting; operating process model; outsourcing of financial functions, improvement of working capital, cost reduction programs, ..
  • We are also developing a service line related to the role of Chief Data Officer (CDO), the company's data manager. Leading organizations are looking at Information management as a process that must be corporatized due to the greater relative importance of data in the decision-making processes and operational optimization of the business. This increased importance is also reflected in the increase in the annual budget devoted to this process.