Telecommunications, media & technology

Telecommunications, media & technology

The telecommunications, media and technology sector has evolved unrecognizably in recent years. We have witnessed the introduction of instant messaging, the rise of ecommerce, fintech, app-stores, collaborative economy, bitcoins and video games and e-sports amongst others.

All these services have driven innovation in digital devices such as smartphones, wearables, e-book readers or tablets, which, when used massively, generate a volume of information never before achieved. The treatment and analysis of this information, through techniques such as Big Data or Data Mining, has led to the emergence of new business models for companies and even new industries.

The accelerated process of change in this technology sector, media and telecoms, which can often be a challenging environment in which to operate, brings with it risks and opportunities, and our professionals combine industry knowledge and technical expertise to react appropriately and support the growth aspirations of our customers.

Whether you are thinking of launching a start-up or exploring international trade, or if you are looking for a way to restructure your ecommerce business, or perhaps considering the buying and selling in a public market, we have a transversal team with local, national and global experience to help companies at all stages of their business cycle.

At BDO we are leaders in providing services to operators in this dynamic sector and we offer legal and tax advice, consulting, auditing and accounting and labour management, as well as other more specialized services such as valuation and protection of Intellectual property, transfer pricing, merger and acquisition advice and complex financing agreements, amongst others.

In addition, we collaborate with important incubators and accelerators providing in-house training in commercial matters, so we are aware of the concerns and needs of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in all phases of growth and maturity, from the initial partner’s pact or post-protection investment agreements and the defence of intangibles.