India Desk

The fifth largest economy in the world (and third in terms of purchasing power - PPP), India continues to be the fastest growing economy globally. 

With a middle class of almost 300 million people with internet access and a young population (average 29-year-old India), India represents a market with an immense opportunity for Spanish companies in their growth objectives.

India offers business opportunities, not only for investment and participation, but also for the pursuit of acquisitions and attracting investment in various sectors of activity:

BDO India Desk accompanies companies in each phase of their development in India, with a multidisciplinary team of local professionals from India and Spain. This team understands the inherent needs of each industry and business, and also the cultural needs of each country. 

Our teams collaborate and are in constant relationship with the main groups and institutions of India in Spain: Fundacion Consejo España India, Casa Asia, Embassy of India, ICEX, among others.