Privacy Policy




Who is the controller responsible for processing my personal data?

The controllers jointly responsible for processing your personal data are the following BDO Group companies:


(i)   BDO Abogados y Asesores Tributarios, S.L.P. Its registered offices are at Paseo de Recoletos nº 37-41, 1ª planta, 28004 Madrid, and its tax ID number is B-82394735.


(ii)   BDO Auditores, S.L.P. Its registered offices are at Calle Rafael Calvo nº 18, 1ª planta, 28010 Madrid, and its tax ID number is B82387572.


In this privacy policy, we refer to BDO Abogados and BDO Auditores jointly as ‘BDO’.


How can I contact BDO’s data protection officer?

You can contact our data protection officer by (a) sending a letter to the address given in the section above or (b) writing to this e-mail address: [email protected].



What is BDO going to use my personal data for?

We’ll use your personal data for one or more of the following purposes, depending on the kind of personal data you agree to share with us by marking the box giving your express consent, and depending on what you reasonably expect to get from us:


a) Managing consultations, complaints, questions and information requests you send us on our ‘Contact’ form, at our corporate e-mail addresses or on social networks.


b) Sending you traditional mail, e-mail and/or text messages with technical circulars, circulars on current standards and regulations related with business risks and management, the latest news about our firm or the BDO network, valuable contents (reports, publications, industry studies) and/or updates of our blog that we think you will find interesting.


c) Enabling you to register to attend our face-to-face events, virtual events and/or webinars and managing your attendance.


d) Managing your job application during the screening process, if you’ve clicked on ‘Apply Now’  and sent us your CV.


e) Filing your name at our job centre, so we can send you notices of any job opportunities we think you might be interested in.


f) Running non-invasive market studies and statistical analyses to help us improve our services and upgrade our technology.


How long is BDO going to keep my data after it has finished with it?

We will only use your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes described above in our answer to question 3. After that, unless you exercise your right to have your data erased immediately, we’ll keep your personal data for six (6) years, protected by compulsory security measures that mean your data will be ‘blocked’ by pseudonimization. When the six-year period is up, we will erase the data from our information-processing system.


Does BDO do any automated processing or profiling with my data?

Yes, we inform you that, in order to process data for the purpose(s) explained above, we may rely on automatic decision-making, which includes data profiling. For instance, we might do so when running statistical analyses or market studies to enable us to improve our services and upgrade our technology.


At all events, to ensure that your personal data are processed with every appropriate guarantee, in cases like that we will restrict our data use to those specific data that are absolutely vital for profiling, never all the data you’ve consented to let us have.


We also inform you that processing as described above (based on automatic processing) will never involve any injury for you and will never involve the revelation, exposure, alteration or manipulation of your personal data. The main consequences will be that we will be able to send you e-mail tailored to your needs and circumstances if you have consented to receive e-mail from us, as explained in the answer to question 3.


What technical and/or organizational security measures does BDO apply when processing my personal data?

BDO has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of the personal data we process and to avoid alteration, loss, or unauthorized processing of or access to the personal data we process, taking account of the state of the art, the nature of the data we store and the risks they’re exposed to (which include the risks of human action and risks from the physical or natural environment). More particularly, we’ve taken measures aimed at reaching basic security objectives, like confidentiality (by which we mean limiting unauthorized persons’ access to information), integrity (by which we mean maintaining reliable, quality information) and availability (by which we mean guaranteed access to the information system at an authorized user’s request).



On what grounds is BDO processing my data?

Only because of your express consent, which you give when you accept this privacy policy by clicking on the button or box.


Do I have to authorize BDO to process my data?

If you want to contact us or use our products and/or services for the purposes described above, yes, we do have to process your personal data. So, if you refuse, we won’t be able to contact you, arrange for you to get the products you want or provide the services in question.




Who can BDO share my data with and/or transfer my data to?

We won’t transfer your personal data to anybody, unless we’re obliged to do so by law or you have given us your express authorization first.


Nevertheless, in order to provide you with the services we’ve mentioned before or send you the information you require from us, we may need to share your personal data with other companies in the BDO network ( or some of our outside partners, like providers of logistics services and/or computer services, such as web hosting, data analysis, opinion surveys, infrastructure provision and services like that.


Will my data be transferred to third countries?

We won’t transfer your personal data to third parties located in countries outside the European Union unless we have to share them with other firms in the BDO network ( for the purposes listed in our answer to question 3. In that case, please bear in mind that there are BDO companies located in third countries whose personal data protection legislation may not have been found by the Commission to provide an adequate level of protection.


What about links to outside service providers that I see on BDO’s website?

The website may contain links to other websites or social forums that BDO website users may find interesting. BDO takes no responsibility for these links and offers no guarantees that they comply with adequate privacy policies. Therefore, if you go to any of these websites, you do so on your own responsibility, under the terms and conditions set by them.


Our Privacy Policy does not apply to them, and we are not responsible for the privacy, information or other practices provided by third parties. That includes any third party that may appear in search results and the websites you can get to from this web space. Just because a link is included on our website by us or any of our subsidiaries, that does not imply that we can vouch for the webspace the link leads to.



What rights do I have over the personal data I’ve given BDO?

We’d like to remind you that you can exercise the following personal data rights at any time:


a) Access. You have the right to access your information to find out exactly what personal data of yours we’re processing.


b) Rectification. Under certain circumstances, if the personal data we’re processing is incorrect, you have the right to correct it.


c) Erasure. Under certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to erase personal data that you want us to stop processing.


d) Objection. Under certain circumstances, for reasons related with your individual situation, you have the right to object to our processing your personal data. In that case, we’ll keep your data blocked for the period described in our answer to question 4.


e) Restriction of processing. Under certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to restrict data processing to the particular purposes of your choosing.


f) Portability. Under certain circumstances, you have the right to receive the personal data you’ve given us, in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format, and you have the right to transmit those data to a data controller other than BDO.


To exercise any of these rights, send BDO your written instructions, enclosing a copy of your government-issue ID card or passport. You can send them to (a) our postal address (given in the first section of this document), marked for the attention of our data protection officer, or (b) our e-mail address, [email protected].


After giving my consent for data processing, do I have the right to take it back?

Yes, you can take back your consent at any time without affecting the legality of our data processing. You just have to notify us using either of the two methods described in our answer to the question above.


What if I don’t approve of how BDO is processing my data? Is there anybody I can file a complaint with?

If you don’t approve or feel we haven’t processed your personal data according to the law, you can contact our data protection officer at [email protected]. You can also file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (