• Organization and processes

Organization and processes

The implementation of control and process management models allow us to help the organizations to lead the growth of their businesses with a solid foundation, with an adequate level of information and aligned to the company's strategy that allows them to adapt to changes and needs quickly, safely and confidently.

Our services

  • Establishment of process control systems.
  • Review, adaptation and improvement of procedures and controls.
  • Project evaluation and control (PMO).
  • Preparation of process maps and procedure manuals.
  • Redesign of flowcharts of process activities.
  • Design, development and supervision of the information for the Management and the Board.
  • Definition of key indicators (KPIs) by areas for the management and achievement of objectives.
  • Design and development of management charts.
  • Identification, prioritization and automation of key management information.
  • Establishment and follow-up of action plans.
  • Review and redesign of organizational structures.