• Real Estate

Real Estate

The BDO Real Estate division assists and gives specialized support to all the different areas related to real estate: institutional funds, family funds, developers, financial entities, REITS, and the Public Administration, as well as entities with no direct relation to the real estate sector.

The focus of BDO Real Estate is on real estate consulting. We concentrate on all matters in relation to transactions: conceptualization, identification, analysis, strategic planning, and execution of real estate investment and divestment.

Our services include:

  1. Appraisal of real estate assets according to the IVS (RICS) international standards, that is, rented, on sale, stock, or land in all and any of the phases of urbanization.
  2. Consulting and strategic guidance with regards to assets related to business planning, according to the property’s needs
  3. Assistance in investment and divestment transactions.
  4. Identifying the demand according to the nature of the asset.
  5. Real estate Due Diligence. Opinion reports as an independent third party.
  6. Portfolio Analysis and Liquidity plans for investment and loan portfolios with underlying real estate assets.
  7. Business plan for promoters and the Spanish version of REITS.
  8. Real estate market analysis.
  9. Assistance in the preparation and design of expansion plans.

Our team’s transactional track record means we have extensive firsthand knowledge of the sector. Due to our understanding of the specific needs of each operator, we help with shaping investment trends. We are constantly seeking opportunities that each point of the real estate market’s cycle affords, and we always work under the auspices of international analysis and appraisal standards.

The BDO Real Estate team works within the context and from the perspective of an international and multidisciplinary firm where there is a constant flow of both clients and information. All the teams involved within this framework are uniquely qualified for professional assistance.