19 October 2020

BDO has signed an agreement in Spain with global legal and compliance technology company, Relativity. With the use of RelativityOne technology, BDO Forensics reinforces their capacities in corporate investigations in the Spanish market, increasing the processing and security of high volumes of data in eDiscovery processes. This software solution provides BDO with a single storage more establish and secure in a private SaaS environment located in Europe.

The eDiscovery process consists in the identification, collection and processing of heterogenous volumes of electronic data (ESI) that is suitable like evidence for an investigation or as part of a legal procedure.

In the current context of global pandemic, eDiscovery processes face new challenges for the widely use of tele working that opens the door to new ways of storing and managing data, sometimes without a proper control; the physical distance limitations that restrict the ways of collecting data; and the data transfers and risk of cyber attacks derivated from the use of Internet connections, among others.

These investigation processes are complex and expensive for the companies, due to the high volumes of electronic data spread throughout the organizations and in multiple devices, being the use of a software tool in eDiscovery processes the key factor in the management and treatment of data collected in an investigation context.

Thanks to the use of RelativityOne, BDO assures a better coverage in all the phases of the eDiscovery processes, from retention to processing and reviewing.

Relativity a leader Company in the eDiscovery market providing with a complete solution for managing, processing and reviewing the high volumes of electronic data beside to legal procedures and corporate investigations.

According to Carlos Coscollano, Head of Forensic Technology in BDO in Spain “the use of RelativityOne lets us to adopt the same tehcniques and tools in all variety of investigation projects, independently of their data size, getting a significant cost saving in tasks of processing, storage and reviewing, facilitating the cooperation with the clients and their legal advisors and , in the end, increasing the efficiency in the investigation.”

For Javier Espel, Partner of BDO Forensics in Spain: “We are in a constantly changing environment, also in the investigation processes. The spread used of tele working generates more vulnerabilities and new threats for the information systems, opening breaches that add a level of difficulty in the investigations  and the collection of data in a forensically sound context.”

“We are proud to improve our portfolio of Forensic services that will help us to exceed the expectations of all parties in an investigation and leading the corporate investigations market with more security and warranties, thanks to the cloud eDiscovery solution of Relativity,” he ends.

“The addition of RelativityOne enables a simplified e-discovery experience allowing for shorter review times and improved insights, empowering BDO clients to manage complex forensic investigations with confidence,” said Steve Couling, Managing Director and VP Sales, EMEA at Relativity. “We look forward to continuing to build on our decade-long partnership with BDO to help bring transparency to data with our flexible and secure cloud solution.”