• Global Risk Landscape 2016

Global Risk Landscape 2016

03 March 2017

The results of the BDO Global Risk Landscape reflect a changing, more uncertain and increasingly globalised world in which events in one country or market can have a significant impact elsewhere. 

The objective of the BDO Global Risk Landscape report was to gauge the perception of risk amongst business leaders around the globe. Not just to form a view of those risks currently high on the radar, but also to assess the emerging risks that will become more of a challenge in the future.

The research, which began in early 2016, gathered qualitative insight from 500 c-suite and senior level experts across 44 different countries, gaining their views on the main risks facing their businesses now and into the future. Organisations varied in size and sector, from mid-sized firms with under 1,000 staff and turnovers of $100m to $500m through to large multi-nationals with turnovers in excess of $10 billion and tens of thousands of employees.