• Sports


The world of sport is evolving, and sporting corporations operate in a more professional and transparent market. Global service firms such as BDO provide specialized services to the sports sector, such as audit and assurance, legal advisors and tax advisors, for all sports partnerships: clubs, sports federations, leagues or investment funds and elite professional athletes.

  • Audit and assurance services
  • Regulatory compliance and compliance systems in the sports sector
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in sports entities
  • Contracts: Review and preparation of sports contracts and other contracts related to the business, such as:
  • Intellectual property and data protection advice
  • Labour advice for the sports sector and all the agents involved in it.
  • Advice in the preparation of budgets, treasury management and formulation of financial reports
  • Our attorneys also provide procedural counselling for sports entities and out-of-court dispute resolution services such as mediation, arbitration and management of appeals of a sporting nature
  • Tax advice for sports organizations
  • Corporate Law for the sports sector
  • Accounting and payroll management
  • Electronic sport (eSports)